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Fort Lauderdale Diving

The waters off the coast of Fort lauderdale are filled with an abundance of dive sites.  Whether you prefer wrecks or reefs,
it's all here for your pleasure! 
-Visibility ranges from 40-80 feet. 
-Marine life is abundant from macro to pelagics. 
-Water temperatures average 85 degrees in the summer,
 75-80 degrees in the spring/fall and 73 degrees in the winter.


Reef Diving
South Florida is home to the 4th-largest barrier reef in the world!  The first reef line is only in 10 feet of water and is accessible from shore.  The second reef line is approximately 25 feet deep.  The third is 45 feet deep on top of the reef, 60 feet to the sand on the west ledge and slopes off to 70-80 feet on the east side.  This third reef is the most popular one for charter boats, and provides excellent drift diving. 
Wreck Diving
There are numerous wrecks off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano and Deerfield Beach.  Some are shallow in only 70 feet of water, while other wrecks are deeper, from 100-130 feet. 

Click here for wreck photos and history


 Wrecks in 70 feet of water

Sea Emperor

A 171' barge rests upside down in 72ft of water.  The east side is littered with 1,600 tons of culvert drainage pipes that were on top of the barge that fell off during sinking when it flipped over. These attract thousands of fish as well as larger inhabitants that provide big thrills. Currently, divers can expect to see stingrays, green moray eels, nurse sharks and goliath grouper on the wreck. This is a photographer's paradise!

Ancient Mariner

A 165' long Coast Gaurd Cutter with a 25' beam sits in 70ft of water. The Ancient Mariner is covered with sea life. Due to the close proximity to the reef, fish move back and forth between the two. A large Goliath Grouper guards the wreckage.  


United Caribbean


A 147' steel cargo ship sunk as part of the Artificial Reef Program of Palm Beach, in August 2000 at a depth of 70ft.

Wrecks from 100-130 feet
Captain Dan

A 175' Coast Guard buoy tender lies upright in 110ft of water and the wheelhouse is 70ft below the surface. The Dan is covered with fish. You never know what you will see here, there has been 2 whale shark sightings here, a day and a year apart. Large barracuda, grouper, amberjack, and other schools of fish frequent this wreck.


Rodeo 25

A 215' Dutch freighter sits upright in 130ft of water The main deck is at 100ft of water and the masts rise to within 52ft of the surface.  This is a  great opportunity for photographers getting silhouette shots. Bait balls usually congregate around the mast as jacks and other predators swoop in. It is a fascinating show.


Miracle of Life


A 170' offshore supply vessel was sunk in 142ft of water. The top of wheelhouse is about 100ft and the deck of the vessel 120ft.  There is a 14' bronze angel statue just behind the wheelhouse at 120ft.

Whichever type of diving you enjoy, wreck and/or reef, Scuba Network® will meet your needs.  Call us today at 954-491-7793 to reserve your spot on the boat.

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